3 Reasons To Dump A “Buffett Portfolio” And Buy Fintech Stocks

Posted by Paul Mampilly | Jul 23, 2019 | Bold Profits Daily, Investment Opportunities, Technology 5 minute, 49 second read


The world of finance is about to shift into the future, and Warren Buffett’s portfolio is nowhere near ready.

Right now, Buffett’s portfolio is filled with insurance and bank stocks — basically, everything that fintech stocks are about to swallow whole.

By staying all in on these old-world stocks, Buffett has set himself up for disaster once the tsunami of new-world companies start to dominate the financial market.

But there’s one investment you can make to avoid Buffett’s mistake — today!


To me, there are three main reasons why you should buy into fintech stocks. First, the tech innovations that these companies are making will lead to the Disruptification of banks and insurance companies — and soon.

Also, since these fintech companies are a marriage of tech and finances, they benefit from lower interest rates. This is very different from big banks and major insurance companies, which have to answer to several layers of regulations when it comes to interest.

And younger generations, like millennials and Gen Z, have figured out that big banks are in it to make themselves rich, not to help their customers. Add that to the way banks blew up the real estate market and a series of mini financial scandals since 2008, trust in the U.S. financial system is low.

This is all creating a tornado that is about to hit all the old-world stocks in Buffett’s portfolio. The fintech revolution is happening now.

And there is one investment that is set to soar. I reveal this fintech giant in my video today.

To prepare to profit from this storm in the coming months, I’ll be talking more and more about fintech, insurance tech and crypto stocks in my Profits Unlimited newsletters.

In our portfolio, we already have one of the best financial technology companies that shot up 100% when we first bought it. If you want to be one of the first to read about these upcoming, specialized stock opportunities — and build a better-than-Buffett portfolio — be sure to click here.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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