5G…Where Do You Place Your Bet?


Over the past few years, we have been hearing all about the coming 5G technology play, which is going to be a revolution. Once rolled out, this technology is expected to be the gas behind the Internet of Things which will change the world as we know it.

According to Gartner report, connected devices across all technologies will reach to 20.6 billion by 2020.

Yes, whether we like it or not, we are moving to a fully automated world which should improve the quality of life at home, at work and even when we travel.  5G is the gas that powers that automation.

While the details of the technology might sound confusing (Do you really care what mmWave spectrum is?  It mine as well be 1.21 gigawatts from Back to the Future…), 5G is simply going to provide faster connection speeds on cellular and internet connected devices, so all devices can be interconnected at super speeds.

Out of the gate, we will not be at full throttle as 5G networks are just now starting to be built out by carriers in the United States but I believe now is the time to start placing your bets on the winning companies and applications.

The road is being paved. All four of the major carriers in the United States – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint – are working on 5G technology and other carriers around the world are also developing 5G networks.  Which network will come out on top?

Businesses are now starting to develop their products and services specifically to leverage 5G’s superior capabilities and many new industries and applications will emerge.

Here is a look at a few industries and applications where 5G and IoT together could have the biggest impact:

  • Self-driving cars: Automotive digital technology has focused on things like sensors that generate a large amount of data, measuring temperature, traffic conditions, weather, GPS location etc but with 5G/IoT, there is also a growing trend enhancing the ‘in-car’ experience.
  • Healthcare: With the help of 5G, a wide range of medical devices will now become IoT enabled. Rural areas and other similar remote locations without proper healthcare facilities will hugely benefit from IoT connectivity including making remote surgeries a possibility.
  • Logistics: 5G connectivity will make it possible for sophisticated IoT tracking sensors that could transform logistics operations from end to end.
  • Smart cities: Smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of IoT powered by 5G.
  • Retail: Retailers will be able to enhance the mobile and in-store shopping experience by driving omnichannel retail practices more effectively.
  • Smart Homes: The most searched IoT associated feature on Google. Turn on the AC, lock your doors, personalize your home life using new products and services built specifically for the IoT home.
  • Wearables: How many steps did you take today?  These devices cover fitness, health and entertainment.

The bottom line is that with 5G and IoT, the world is not going to be the same.

New applications, services and industries will emerge to leverage and support this technical revolution and the needs of the IoT consumer.  The key is knowing which angle to take.  Are you a betting man?

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