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This is Paul Mampilly — and I’m reaching out to you today with access to a special offer … access that has been negotiated for you due to being a loyal reader of our newsletter.

Right now, over $697 billion is expected to come to market as a surge of new companies begin the initial public offering (IPO) process.

On average, 20 companies per month could go public.

I’ve spent 25 years investing — buying into Google, Facebook and Netflix stocks, you name it.

And while these investments yielded incredible returns … I don’t think there has even been an opportunity like what’s on the horizon right now.

Not when I more than doubled my account in 2016 by forecasting the bounce in gold…

Not when I called the 2008 crash and profited both on the decline and the rebound — more than tripling my wealth…

Not even when my hedge fund was ranked among the “world’s best” by Kiplinger and Barron’s.

We are entering an unprecedented moment of wealth creation.

Which is why I marshalled all my research firm’s resources … and co-developed a proprietary rating system to determine the best IPOs to invest in each and every month.

Now, we’re sharing our findings with the public … including how to get our recommendations that you can use for the chance to begin profiting.

Bear in mind, these are significant return opportunities — we’ve seen investments rocket 60%, 100%, even higher within as little as 24 hours.

And I want to share this strategy and more with you in our landmark IPO Fortunes Symposium.

Including how we’re currently targeting 12 triple-digit gains over the next 12 months.

You can view it in its entirety by clicking this link here now.

This is an extremely limited-time invitation, so I urge you not to sit on it.

Click here now.






Paul Mampilly

Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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