Empower Clinics: The Best Opportunity in the Medical Cannabis Market


January 20, 2020

Empowering individuals, improving health – that is the perfect credo for a firm that is making waves and changing lives in the emerging medical cannabis market. For Empower Clinics Inc. (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP), however, it’s not just a credo; it’s a mission and a way of doing business that benefits patients, shareholders, and the entire medical ecosystem.

With Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) CEO Craig Snyder is at the helm of a firm that is poised to become the recognized leader and first choice for quality experience, solutions, and improved health in the medical cannabis market.  And this truly is a market with huge potential:  A Quinnipiac University poll shows overwhelming support, with 94% of Americans in favor of doctor-prescribed medical cannabis in order to improve their health.  Furthermore, medical cannabis is currently legal in 29 states and D.C., and experts predict that more states will fall in line in the near future.

Recent developments lend even greater support to this emerging market.  For instance, there is an appropriations bill to protect medical cannabis from federal prosecution: offered by Rep. David Joyce, this bill would shield medical marijuana patients and providers who comply with state laws from prosecution by the federal government – this should alleviate investors’ fears and bolster an already strong industry.

Another development is that Former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner recently joined the board of a publicly traded medical cannabis company, Acreage Holdings.  The reason is a personal one:  a close friend of his is currently being treated with medical cannabis.  Once again, we see more and more people in important positions getting on board the burgeoning legalized cannabis market.

To help meet the needs of this flourishing market, Empower has developed a 16-factor, multi-variable equation model to analyze growth in the most effective sequence and method. This is an ambitious and growth-oriented venture:  we’re talking about 15 clinics (5 fixed and 10 satellite locations), 36 employees (and 5 medical doctors), and CDN$2 million in the last 12 months, not to mention a user database of over 90,000 historical patients.  For investors and shareholders, this adds up to massive profit potential with a top-of-the-line firm.

In terms of implementation, Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is certainly is off and running with clinics in Oregon and Washington.  Each location is staffed by a licensed medical doctor who is well versed in the professional approach towards pain relief and a multitude of other conditions and ailments.  It’s all part of a comprehensive four-phase growth strategy for the “prescription-to-purchase” cycle:  Expand existing clinic market share, enhance the brand and presence nationally with new clinics, continue execution on Empower’s medical products royalty

model through brand building and distribution, and promote corporate development within analytically targeted geographies.

A super-solid business model is the foundation for Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP).  According to this model, Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) will serve as the launching pad to the overarching Empower Groups national strategy.  This encompasses over 25,000 active patients – no “financial engineering” or non-sustainable opportunities, but only real customers with real medical challenges.

At the core of Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is powerful public support for medical cannabis solutions to a plethora of ailments, along with an enormous economic opportunity for investors in this fascinating industry and this leading-edge company.  In fact, Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is in it for the long haul, creating scale, leverage, and sustainability for their shareholders and business partners.  This is not merely a “trade”; Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) prefers to view it as a long-term business partnership.

Perhaps best of all, Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is a firm that investors can believe in.  The company’s vision is centered around physician-guided treatment for the relief of chemo-therapy side-effects, seizures, PTSD, and a multitude of chronic pain conditions.  They understand that each patient is unique, and Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) are happy to provide personalized guidance towards the optimal product for each patient’s individual needs.

Empower is focusing on two rapidly growing trends – converging at the same time.  First, we see billions of dollars being spent each year treating chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.  Empower’s doctors have built an expertise by dealing with thousands of patients being treated with these ailments.  And then we see the opioid crisis:  an average of 150 people a day die from opioids.  Medical cannabis is being favored more and more as a safe means of managing these ailments, and Empower Clinics provides solutions to meet the needs of patients suffering from a wide array of conditions.

We’ve seen the huge growth – and investors have enjoyed huge profits – with Canadian cannabis firms like Canopy Growth Corp., Aphria Inc., and Aurora Cannabis Inc.  Now it’s time for U.S. cannabis leaders to shine, and Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is becoming the preferred choice for patients as well as investors.

Top-of-the-line facilities, the best and most knowledgeable doctors and staff in the business, long-term partnerships with consumers and shareholders… There’s no other way to say it:  Empower Clinics (OTC:EPWCF, CSE:EWP) is truly empowering individuals while improving health.

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