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History Just Might Repeat Itself

What an uneventful week when looking at the stock market as a whole. The S&P 500 closed yesterday just 15 cents less than it opened on Monday. The S&P Metals and Mining ETF closed 18 cents lower than what it opened on Monday. Let’s…

A Leader, A Loser and One Just Flat

It hasn’t been an exciting few days for any of our weekly contestants here at Inside Alpha. All three companies saw a massive slide over last week. And the good news is it looks like that slide has a least slowed way down for all three.…

A New Front in the Trade War

For decades, leaders of both political parties in the U.S. have courted Wall Street, its banks and its investors. For the most part, it has always come down to tax cuts and deregulation. When President Bush made moves – even prior to the…

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