Nantahala Health

Nantahala: The name comes from the Cherokee words Nvda’ and aye’ li[“sun” and“ middle”].Translated into English it means“ Land of the Noon Day Sun”

If you’ re familiar with the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina– the ancestral home of the Cherokee Indians – you might recognize this curious word for the lush forest and mystical river that bare its name.

What we believe;

We believe as not only as the ancient Cherokee, but as native tribes worldwide, that health, longevity and vitality all can be achieved naturally.

We believe that Western medicine can’ t solve all of our problems and in many cases(such as opioids) create pandemics that would otherwise never exist.

We don’ t trust the main stream media or the government with our health and well – being.From the advertisers that drive their business models, to the big pharma lobbyists that underwrite our biased laws, it’ s up to us to find the truth.

Welcome to Nantahala Health