President Trump Just Flashed an Important Signal to Investors


Now this is quite the track record…

After President Trump pushed his “energy dominance” doctrine … promising a “golden era of American energy”…

Denver-based Whiting Petroleum jumped 178%… HollyFrontier Corporation tripled… and Texas-company Jones Energy jumped 320%.

When he declared: “We will begin to revive and expand our nuclear energy sector…”

Shares of both International Isotopes and Lightbridge Corporation bounced more than 75% in a matter of months … U.S. Nuclear Corporation returned an astounding 1,639%.

And on February 16, 2017, Trump signed Resolution 38 in support of the coal industry.

NACCO Industries — the public holding company for the North American Coal Corporation — responded with a quick 223% pop.

As you can see, when the president issues direct orders, the gains come big, and they come fast.

But none of these examples can compare to what’s about to go down.

Because President Trump has busted open the door to an opportunity unlike anything we’ve seen before. 





Jessica Cohen
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing

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