I’m beside myself on this one.

The media is willfully ignoring perhaps the most important part of the new tax reform bill.

It’s a long bill.

Maybe they just didn’t feel like reading the whole thing.

But in Section 11042 is a piece of the law that could be very valuable.

It gives 121 million Americans the chance to receive a “consumer bonus” payment that maxes out at $3,700.

Better yet, this “consumer bonus” payout is something you can receive every year until 2025.

I suggest you look into this right away.

If you were to collect this money every year through 2025, we’re talking about a total maximum payout of $29,600.

As F.H. Buckley wrote in USA Today, “The bill is good news for most middle-class Americans.”

I’d say it’s great news!

Get the details on this unique part of the tax bill here.


Matthew Benjamin

Editorial Director, The Oxford Club

P.S. Unlike the media, we’ve done a full investigation of the tax code. And we’ve found 23 cash rebate programs hidden inside. Find out more exciting details on them, for free, here.


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